A dream with 4 themes: fast food, home assistants, praying for nations, a race for the best country – by Marcos

Hi everyone! I’m gonna share a second dream I had last week. This one was kind of long, because it had many details and it was divided in four main parts.

Dream of July 24, 2021: Part 1 First I dreamt that I was in our balcony on the second floor of our house. I was talking to my mom and at the same time, I was eating, or trying to eat, a Burger King whopper. I had it in my hands and I became confused. The reason was that, in real life not the dream, I have avoided eating at any type of fast food chain since the lockdowns began in March of 2020. So for one year now, I have not eaten any meat that comes from Wendy’s, Burger King, and other fast food chains. The reason is that I have heard from other people that God has led me to, what their “meat” is actually made of, so since the pandemic, I have avoided all of it, including my family. I won’t go into details of the “meat”, but all I felt in the dream was confusion. I looked at the whopper like sideways, like when someone has a doubt, and I saw myself eating it, and not eating it at the same time, like a picture on top of a transparent picture. One part of me said: “Oh, it’s delicious! You’ve eaten this before, go ahead, eat it!”. Another part of me said: “What? I would never eat this thing in real life, why am I holding this?”. This first part of my dream just left me with the doubt, and then I moved to the other parts.

Part 2: the new home assistants This second part was very scary but also true. I was walking towards my dad’s bedroom, and as I walked, I had knowledge of many things:
1. A “new” type of home assistant was invented (I don’t know what time I was in), and many people were installing it in their homes.
2. This assistant was not like the AI assistant some people have now in their homes (which are listening to them 24/7, of course). The things was alive, and you would call it by its name, and it would come to you wherever you were in the house.

I saw some men install this at our house, (in real life we wouldn’t do this), and I saw what it was. It was a rectangular black box the height of a medium person, and it was installed in a corner of the room, in this case, my parents’ room. Inside the box was a strange demonic blob, which was colored like molten tar, and had this disgusting “arm” that would come to you it you called its name. Supposedly, this arm would help you do your chores around the house and do whatever you told him to do. At first we were all scared of it and tried to hide from it, but we couldn’t. We called it “Shrike” (just like one of the characters of the movie “Mortal Engines”). When we called it, the wall on the box would slid open and let some of that living blob go out and stretch until it reached you. The blob went out of control, and it would try to grab us by the arm and pull us into the box. There was no place to hid because it knew exactly were we where and we just fled. Then, time passed and the thing became “good” and it did its job as it should have in the first place. At the end of this part, my dad, which wasn’t my real dad, wanted to sell it for money, but we had developed such “care” for this helping blob that I didn’t want him to do so.

Part 3: interceding for nations After the previous part, I appeared in from of an orange colored, plastic wall and I went forward and I stretched my arms in front of me touching the wall. I began to pray for many countries. I don’t remember exactly which countries I prayed for, but I believe it was all of them because this scene happened 3 times in a row. As I was finishing the last prayer, the countries which I can remember were: Belize, Honduras (there was an emphasis on Honduras; maybe something bad will happen there), Bolivia, and China.

Part 4: nations in a race I was in the air and I saw some planes flying by in a line. It was a plane race. Each plane represented a country, and their leader was the pilot. I knew that every country was racing, and that the reason why they were planes was because that represented the technology of each country. The more technology the country had, the better the planes would fly. The countries that I can remember were, Pakistan (which flew a WWII style plane), Russia (with Putin inside the cockpit), USA (Trump was the pilot for some reason), and China (Xi Jinping and other men were piloting). As I passed each plane, I was aware that America WOULD NOT WIN the race, and I saw as America’s plane slowly went to the back of the line. China was first place, and was way ahead of the others. I was able to go into the cockpit of his plane. It was very sophisticated and he didn’t even need a wheel to drive. I saw Xi Jinping looking over the window in a relaxed manner. All he had to do was literally push a small lever with his finger and press a button and the plane would go wherever he wanted. I then saw that the finish line was a runway in the city of Yerevan (capital of Armenia). The first plane (or country) who landed there would win. But as soon as China’s plane was about to touch ground, I saw that for some unexplained reason, the plane lost control and tilted sideways until is crashed into buildings and blew up. I was shocked at the crash and then woke up.

I had these four dreams in one night, and they still puzzle me. I have always prayed to the LORD so He could show me whatever He wants me to know for the times to come. And He has been good to me and merciful in showing me things that never in my 18 years of life I would’ve imagined to see. When I was little, I rarely thought about the end times. To me, I thought it was kind of far away. But now, as I see and hear what has been going on in the world these past 5 years, I am in awe at how fast the Bible has been accomplishing itself. I never thought I would live through the days as written in Matthew 24 and in the book of Revelations; I thought it may happen when I am old, or something like that 🙂

Well, I hope God helps you guys in all that you do for Him, and guides you to whatever He wants for you life.
Thanks for reading,

Recent dreams Part 1: Obama is the Beast – by Marcos

Greetings everyone, I’m Marcos. We haven’t been able to post much recently because we haven’t had time to update the blog. I’ve had three dreams in the past week and this one, and I want to share what the LORD has let me know, as well as some confirmations of what I’ve heard other people say.

Dream of July 22, 2021:
I don’t remember what I saw at the beginning of this dream, but I will write what I wrote on my notebook. I was looking outside my window in my bedroom, and I felt that the LORD was highlighting me to look outside because He wanted to show me something. So I look more carefully and out of a sudden, I see a giant floating head appear close to my window. At this point I understand that God is showing me who the Beast is, (I’m referring to the first Beast which appears in Revelations 13). As I watched it, I asked God to let me stay for a little while so I could memorize the face’s details; so He let me stay more time in the dream. The face was not human: the skin was shining as if it was made of golden lightning, his eyes were big and all colored black and had pointy edges in the four corners of each eye, and his ears were small and pointy like elves. The face was vividly moving and kind of talking, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. At one point, I hid behind the window, because I got scared if he looked at me in the eye, and I felt he was looking to see if someone was watching him, but he didn’t see me. From his nose down, I recognized Obama’s facial features. So I understood that the Beast is Obama. To me, it was like a human-alien hybrid, and in the dream, I perceived that it was from a ‘species’ named: Golem; as in the “Lord of the Rings” Golem. I also knew that this was some kind of end-times deception that will happen, and people will be shocked when they see “Obama” with a yellow light face, weird eyes, and pointy ears. Finally, I went away from this scene.

At the end of the dream, I found myself praying, in Russian. I asked God for mercy and for Him to protect my family from the coming Puerto Rico earthquake. End of the dream.
– – –
For some time now, I have been reading a blog from a sister in Christ called Celestial.

Her blog is: https://the-masters-voice.com/

The LORD has been confirming me many things He has told her, such as Obama being the Beast, America being Mystery Babylon, and three days ago, I had a confirmation in a dream (which I’ll post shortly), in which I was confirmed by the LORD that asteroids in the Kuiper belt are approaching earth. In that dream, I had the impression that they are literally almost here (very soon), and we have very little time to prepare. I don’t know how soon, but very soon. This is further evidence and testimony of Jesus, that His Spirit is one, and that God speaks one thing, and does not contradict Himself, for He is sovereign (which means He is apart from creation and is not affected by it). I have prayed so the LORD can give people dreams and knowledge of what’s going on now, and what will come so they can repent and recognize who Jesus is. Jesus wants the harvest of souls to be as big as possible, He wants to same as many as possible, so none should perish. Amen.

God bless you all, and may He care of you guys through the coming persecution days,
Marcos, Puerto Rico 🙂