Testimony: The Truth about the Boy Scout of America and the Order of the Arrow. (Part 1) – by Mark

Greetings everyone and God bless! My name is Mark and I’m a new editor for this blog. I want to share a testimony that the LORD gave to me three years ago, and I have felt for a long time that I should share it with others.

“He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.” Mark 4:21-22

Before I begin, I would like to mention that if you belong to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The Order of the Arrow, or to any other scouting organization, this may be a great shock to you; especially if your relationship with Jesus Christ is something you really care about.

As a quick review, the Boy Scout of America is a ‘non-profit’ organization that teaches essential camping skills to young boys and hold outdoor community service activities such as: cleaning beaches, camping, hiking, and volunteering in national parks. Most people today believe it to be a perfect “Christian” service group which brings blessings and great experiences to our young generations and teaches them the essentials for life. Unfortunately, that has never been the case.

When I was around 8 years old, I joined a local Boy Scout Troop #723. I began as a Cub Scout, which is a group for the younger ones, and then moved to the actual Troop in 2012, when I was 10. In the Troop I enjoyed campings, overnights, hikings, kayakings, swimming, and Merit Badge courses. I learned how to use knifes, axes, building tools, rifles, how to make different types of fireplaces, how to set up tents, how to behave in emergencies, how to perform CPR, and lots of other lifesaving experiences. For years, I never thought there was anything wrong with our organization. The fact that there might be some evil, dark secrets hidden for centuries in this organization just never crossed my mind. Everything looked too good to even be spoiled. Until the day I was invited to join the Order of the Arrow.

If by chance you are a Boy Scout visiting this page and you still haven’t been chosen by your Troop to join this pagan group (Order of the Arrow), I advise that you please read this post and then decide for yourself. I will place evidence links below this post so you can see what I’m talking about.

In spring of 2018, during one of our routine Saturday reunions, I was chosen, along with some others, to become a Candidate of the Order of the Arrow. The reason I was chosen was because “I was one of the few members of the Troop that followed the Oath more than others.” So, basically, the OA (that’s their initials) is an exclusive membership organization. You cannot join or attend their ceremonies if your Troop hasn’t chosen you. If you are a member, you are not even allowed to SAY what goes on in their activities. It is exclusive, which makes it right for me to say that it is a secret elite organization within the Boy Scouts. And that’s no “conspiracy“. Go talk to a member and ask him what the ceremonies are like. I can assure you he will refuse. They know that if they are caught saying those things, their membership will be revoked.

After one month or two, I was invited with my dad to a Candidate Meeting at a local College Campus. We attended an orientation course about what the Order of the Arrow was. They told us what to bring, what not to bring, and shared other’s “experiences”. After that, they gave us the brochure and a paper to fill so that we could go to the initiation camping some months later. Before this experience however, I was previously invited to an OA camping the Winter before. But, THANKS TO GOD, I did not go. I just wanted to stay with my family and enjoy Christmas and I was younger by then. Also, I strongly believe now that the LORD protected me from going there before the appointed time. I figure I may have been spiritually weaker than I was when I went in my second invitation, so the LORD wanted to give me this experience when I was ready. And everything came out as He planned.

Alright, so let’s get to the point of all this. In summer of 2018, I attended the camping of my second invitation to the Order of the Arrow. It was scheduled to begin on a Friday night and ended next Sunday morning. So basically it took a whole weekend, as oppose to our annual national camps which may take between 5-7 days depending on the season, (summer or winter). On that Friday, my dad and I packed the stuff we prepared and headed to the Guajataka Scout Reserve, which is on the center west side of our island (Puerto Rico). Upon arrival, we put on our large hiking backpacks, and all our uniform and headed to the food court which was the place one was to register. After we registered we just stayed there with the other members of my troop who were selected. There were members of other troops across the island, because all campings done in Guajataka are national. We were then separated in to random groups so that in each group there was at least one member of a different group. The groups were called Patrols, which are the same divisions used in Boy Scout Troops. The staff, who were members of the OA but also of our age, told us to go outside to the dirt path and stand in lines so we could be transported somewhere. It was nighttime, so the only lights available were those of the gazebos, the food court, and our portable lights. Unfortunately, before we were registered, the staff did a backpack inspection. They confiscated most of our matches and left us with only 5 in the box, took away our flashlights, and any writing paper and/or writing utensil, such as pencils, pens, etc. They did this as part of the “challenge” we were supposed to go through, but nobody thought it was weird. Anyways, we started to walk somewhere I didn’t know and then we turned to our right and into a forest area that did not appear to have any paths. It was pitch dark, and I was a little suspicious at first. We walked for like 20 minutes but I really don’t know how long.

As we walked, I couldn’t see well but I noticed familiar structures on the side of whatever paths we were walking through, (I later discovered that one of them was a “chapel” and another was an abandoned tiny cabin). When we finally arrived to our unknown destination, we stopped at a part of the path which ended on a shore facing the Guajataka lake, where we usually do canoeing and stuff like that. That shore was empty of grass, it has 12 candles in a circle shape on the ground, and there was an unlit bigger fireplace in the center, it was just the wood, but no fire on it. Then came and guy dressed in native American Indian clothing, and started to speak like a story or something but I didn’t pay much attention. I was just slightly confused, but I didn’t know why. After that we went through another path, which I then remembered it was close to Campsite C. We arrived to this other place which is where the American, Puerto Rican, and Troop flags are raised every morning during the annual campings. But there were only the poles, no flags. Then, one of the other guys dressed in Indian clothing placed himself ahead of our line and we were told to follow him. We started to do circles around this outdoor place, with our backpacks still on, and to me it was like for another 15-20 minutes of just circles and circles like when people do Conga lines in parties one in front of the other. After that exhausting nonsense, we headed back to the same trail we had crossed before to go to the first ceremony on the fireplaces. This time one of the staff told our groups to stop in the middle of the paths and literally set our tents there! It was very uncomfortable because there were roots and the ground was uneven. We were told to do our tents without our flashlights, which I said before were confiscated at our registration. I don’t know how I was able to build mine, but I did it so fast, then afterwards I became aware that God helped me do it. During the camp I felt God’s presence and I knew He was with me, even though I was confused all the time. The only words I have for the feeling I had was DEEP CONFUSION! Before I went to sleep there, a staff dressed as one of those Indian magicians, who was the Elangomat (as the ceremony transcripts say), went to every one of us and told us: “When you wake up, you are going to make a fire place in front of your tent.” Then I went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up and collected all the wood and did the fire, with the supervision of that Elangomat guy. My fire did not lit, but he said that it was okay and told me to go meet with the rest of the group. I arrived to this grassy area a couple meters away from the food court, and we were told to go in a line. Before I keep going, I must let you guys know that in the groups we were in, the adults were separate from us, and I only saw my dad in specific times where we were told to go do an activity with all the groups. Anyway, we were told to go in lines and they gave us a small portion of food. They asked if anyone was hypoglycemic or diabetic, so that no one would develop adverse reactions if they were given just a small ration of food.

After they gave us that food which consisted of: boiled eggs, orange juice some white grapes, and some cookies. I was confused of why didn’t they give us food at the food court as they do in our annual meetings. After this we went to do a variety of jobs throughout the Scout Reserve. Sometimes we went to clean bathrooms, other times we went to the food court and swept the place with brooms, others went to collect wood, and at one point my group went to make those same candles we had seen the night before. One interesting aspect of the camping that I cannot leave out was that since the beginning of the second day, Saturday, we were all instructed to stay silent and not speak at all. They called it a vote of silence and we were also told to just “meditate on our lives“. (They said we were not allowed to speak anything until Saturday night). That’s when my confusion grew so big! I went around asking some of the younger staff questions about this like: “Why aren’t we allowed to speak anything? What do we have to meditate on? Why are we doing this work for? Do you know what we’re doing this for?” Some of them said: “Silence Candidate!”, and others: “Well, I actually don’t know, you just ‘meditate’.” It was nonsense to me. And most of all, I just felt SPIRITUALLY CONFUSED. I asked God: “What is this and why do I feel so confused and oppressed?” I felt this was also spiritual, like something was not right. I felt that something about all this camping was out of place but I was confused because I didn’t know exactly why or what it was.

One of the jobs we did was that we went to the place were they had done the registration and we set some chairs and tables there to do some work with materials that were present. There were large folded pieces of cardboard, old mattresses from the different campsites, old newspaper, and 12 large metal cans. We were told to place each of the items divided in each can so that each had the same amount of these flammable substances. So you guys know, we were actually making our own lights that were going to be used in the last Ordeal Ceremony, with the pieces of mattresses from the campgrounds! We were creating something pagan for our own spiritual harm without us knowing! This was one of the jobs that has impacted me the most. They made us do these things, preparing the tools for them to do those ceremonies, instead of them making it. This makes the spiritual consequence more personal and dangerous.

After all our “chores”, we were told to rest in a grassy area in front of the food court area. As we just sat there in circled groups, they told us not to fall asleep. But I was SO tired and hungry that at one point I just laid back and placed my cap on top of my face so the sun didn’t shine on me and tried to fall asleep. But one of the staff told me: “Hey candidate, wake up, you cannot sleep!”. What scouting organization forces sleep deprivation (which is a type of torture) on its participants? Aren’t “Youth Protection” pamphlets supposed to protect us?

As I look back as these events today, as an adult, I see them more as abuses rather than challenges. I was younger by then, and I did not understand why they did not allow us to sleep after all the work we had done around the camp. I also did not understand why they had given us less food as a breakfast and then expect us to work and not rest until late at night. These things have given wounds to my spirit and they are one of the main reasons why I get mad when I remember these events. People must understand that these practices have been carried out for over a century, since 1910 when the Boy Scouts was founded, and many times I have felt God’s anger at the fact that this has been hidden for so long and nobody has had the courage to bring it to light and expose them.

At the end of the day, we were told to go to our campsites, take our Class A uniforms, and follow them to another secret location, which I didn’t know existed. We did what we were told to do and followed them through the parking lot. I thought we were going outside of the Scout Reserve, but we didn’t. The place we went was through an unknown path on the other side of the parking lot. It was an empty forest space between the parking and the road outside of the Camp. It was hidden on purpose and we followed one of the Elangomat Indians through there. This path was shorter and we made some stops along the way. Then we arrived at a place in those woods which had no trees, it was a circle shaped place and there were people around a fireplace in the middle and there were those same little fire cans they made us do for that ceremony. When we arrived, one of the guys dressed in Indian clothing gave each of us a rope to which we were all connected, and told us to position ourselves in a circle around the fireplace. As we were there, I could hear chantings, drums, and I could see a structure at the side which was like a makeshift Native American house called “bohio”. As this pagan (any rituals made to false gods) ceremony went on and I was still in this strong spiritual confusion, God gave me a vision in which He clearly told me what was going on. My vision and my hearing went “blurry” and I saw a sentence appear floating in front of me. I was composed of white 3D letters and it was floating in the air in front of me while there were people around me. I couldn’t tell what language it was because I could not read it well, but the LORD helped me and told me audibly what the sentence read. He said in my ears: “THE ORDER OF THE ARROW HAS PAGAN ORIGINS”. He said it (in Spanish), three or four times, and for some reason I mumbled it at the same time. I didn’t know exactly what this meant, but I knew in my spirit that God was trying to tell me something about why I was so spiritually confused. Then the vision ended and my sight and hearing were restored. I only have vague memories of the details of the ceremonies themselves because I was so confused that I couldn’t even think well.

This last ceremony is called the Ordeal Ceremony. I will cover this in detail on Part II of this testimony. For those of you who are reading and are part of this group, I must say that if you are a Christian, it is your duty to tell others what goes on there and ask God to reveal to you what to do about your membership. Don’t let the organization silence you, even if this means you lose your membership, which I really don’t care about. I can say whatever I want to say about this, because as of today, we still have free speech. And even though the organization “prohibits” any member to tell others about this I always try to tell everyone I know. That’s why I’m writing this, because God wants me to. He also wants me to do a YouTube video about this testimony because I understand this is very long and I feel it’s better to explain the details on a video.

This is part one of the testimony. I want to divide it into parts because I had further experiences in which God showed me the relationship between Freemasonry and the Order of the Arrow. The Boy Scouts of America, the Girls Scouts, and Ventures are all connected and all pagan. Thank you for reading. I will place some links at the bottom of this paragraph so you guys can read about what God showed me. God bless you and I hope that if you are part of these organizations you can ask Jesus to reveal the truth of this to you. Next is part two.

Here are the links:

  1. http://phoenixmasonry.org/freemasonry_soucting_and_the_order_of_the_arrow.htm
  2. http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/boy_scout.htm
  3. https://www.hoac-bsa.org/daniel-carter-beard-masonic-scouter-award (Lord Baden Powell was not the original founder of the Boy Scouts. Most of the people involved in the founding of this organization were Freemason, except Baden Powell himself. You have to look at the people who influenced him in founding the BSA.)
  4. If you are in the National FFA, it’s also Freemason: https://footnote.wordpress.ncsu.edu/2018/11/05/origins-of-the-ffa-ceremonies/

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