A dream with 4 themes: fast food, home assistants, praying for nations, a race for the best country – by Marcos

Hi everyone! I’m gonna share a second dream I had last week. This one was kind of long, because it had many details and it was divided in four main parts.

Dream of July 24, 2021: Part 1 First I dreamt that I was in our balcony on the second floor of our house. I was talking to my mom and at the same time, I was eating, or trying to eat, a Burger King whopper. I had it in my hands and I became confused. The reason was that, in real life not the dream, I have avoided eating at any type of fast food chain since the lockdowns began in March of 2020. So for one year now, I have not eaten any meat that comes from Wendy’s, Burger King, and other fast food chains. The reason is that I have heard from other people that God has led me to, what their “meat” is actually made of, so since the pandemic, I have avoided all of it, including my family. I won’t go into details of the “meat”, but all I felt in the dream was confusion. I looked at the whopper like sideways, like when someone has a doubt, and I saw myself eating it, and not eating it at the same time, like a picture on top of a transparent picture. One part of me said: “Oh, it’s delicious! You’ve eaten this before, go ahead, eat it!”. Another part of me said: “What? I would never eat this thing in real life, why am I holding this?”. This first part of my dream just left me with the doubt, and then I moved to the other parts.

Part 2: the new home assistants This second part was very scary but also true. I was walking towards my dad’s bedroom, and as I walked, I had knowledge of many things:
1. A “new” type of home assistant was invented (I don’t know what time I was in), and many people were installing it in their homes.
2. This assistant was not like the AI assistant some people have now in their homes (which are listening to them 24/7, of course). The things was alive, and you would call it by its name, and it would come to you wherever you were in the house.

I saw some men install this at our house, (in real life we wouldn’t do this), and I saw what it was. It was a rectangular black box the height of a medium person, and it was installed in a corner of the room, in this case, my parents’ room. Inside the box was a strange demonic blob, which was colored like molten tar, and had this disgusting “arm” that would come to you it you called its name. Supposedly, this arm would help you do your chores around the house and do whatever you told him to do. At first we were all scared of it and tried to hide from it, but we couldn’t. We called it “Shrike” (just like one of the characters of the movie “Mortal Engines”). When we called it, the wall on the box would slid open and let some of that living blog go out and stretch until it reached you. The blob went out of control, and it would try to grab us by the arm and pull us into the box. There was no place to hid because it knew exactly were we where and we just fled. Then, time passed and the thing became “good” and it did its job as it should have in the first place. At the end of this part, my dad, which wasn’t my real dad, wanted to sell it for money, but we had developed such “care” for this helping blob that I didn’t want him to do so. I will explain what the parts meant in another post, because it would be too long.

Part 3: interceding for nations After the previous part, I appeared in from of an orange colored, plastic wall and I went forward and I stretched my arms in front of me touching the wall. I began to pray for many countries. I don’t remember exactly which countries I prayed for, but I believe it was all of them because this scene happened 3 times in a row. As I was finishing the last prayer, the countries which I can remember were: Belize, Honduras (there was an emphasis on Honduras; maybe something bad will happen there), Bolivia, and China.

Part 4: nations in a race I was in the air and I saw some planes flying by in a line. It was a plane race. Each plane represented a country, and their leader was the pilot. I knew that every country was racing, and that the reason why they were planes was because that represented the technology of each country. The more technology the country had, the better the planes would fly. The countries that I can remember were, Pakistan (which flew a WWII style plane), Russia (with Putin inside the cockpit), USA (Trump was the pilot for some reason), and China (Xi Jinping and other men were piloting). As I passed each plane, I was aware that America WOULD NOT WIN the race, and I saw as America’s plane slowly went to the back of the line. China was first place, and was way ahead of the others. I was able to go into the cockpit of his plane. It was very sophisticated and he didn’t even need a wheel to drive. I saw Xi Jinping looking over the window in a relaxed manner. All he had to do was literally push a small lever with his finger and press a button and the plane would go wherever he wanted. I then saw that the finish line was a runway in the city of Yerevan (capital of Armenia). The first plane (or country) who landed there would win. But as soon as China’s plane was about to touch ground, I saw that for some unexplained reason, the plane lost control and tilted sideways until is crashed into buildings and blew up. I was shocked at the crash and then woke up.

I had these four dreams in one night, and they still puzzle me. I have always prayed to the LORD so He could show me whatever He wants me to know for the times to come. And He has been good to me and merciful in showing me things that never in my 18 years of life I would’ve imagined to see. When I was little, I rarely thought about the end times. To me, I thought it was kind of far away. But now, as I see and hear what has been going on in the world these past 5 years, I am in awe at how fast the Bible has been accomplishing itself. I never thought I would live through the days as written in Matthew 24 and in the book of Revelations; I thought it may happen when I am old, or something like that 🙂

Well, I hope God helps you guys in all that you do for Him, and guides you to whatever He wants for you life.
Thanks for reading,

Recent dreams Part 1: Obama is the Beast – by Marcos

Greetings everyone, I’m Marcos. We haven’t been able to post much recently because we haven’t had time to update the blog. I’ve had three dreams in the past week and this one, and I want to share what the LORD has let me know, as well as some confirmations of what I’ve heard other people say.

Dream of July 22, 2021:
I don’t remember what I saw at the beginning of this dream, but I will write what I wrote on my notebook. I was looking outside my window in my bedroom, and I felt that the LORD was highlighting me to look outside because He wanted to show me something. So I look more carefully and out of a sudden, I see a giant floating head appear close to my window. At this point I understand that God is showing me who the Beast is, (I’m referring to the first Beast which appears in Revelations 13). As I watched it, I asked God to let me stay for a little while so I could memorize the face’s details; so He let me stay more time in the dream. The face was not human: the skin was shining as if it was made of golden lightning, his eyes were big and all colored black and had pointy edges in the four corners of each eye, and his ears were small and pointy like elves. The face was vividly moving and kind of talking, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying. At one point, I hid behind the window, because I got scared if he looked at me in the eye, and I felt he was looking to see if someone was watching him, but he didn’t see me. From his nose down, I recognized Obama’s facial features. So I understood that the Beast is Obama. To me, it was like a human-alien hybrid, and in the dream, I perceived that it was from a ‘species’ named: Golem; as in the “Lord of the Rings” Golem. I also knew that this was some kind of end-times deception that will happen, and people will be shocked when they see “Obama” with a yellow light face, weird eyes, and pointy ears. Finally, I went away from this scene.

At the end of the dream, I found myself praying, in Russian. I asked God for mercy and for Him to protect my family from the coming Puerto Rico earthquake. End of the dream.
– – –
For some time now, I have been reading a blog from a sister in Christ called Celestial.

Her blog is: https://the-masters-voice.com/

The LORD has been confirming me many things He has told her, such as Obama being the Beast, America being Mystery Babylon, and three days ago, I had a confirmation in a dream (which I’ll post shortly), in which I was confirmed by the LORD that asteroids in the Kuiper belt are approaching earth. In that dream, I had the impression that they are literally almost here (very soon), and we have very little time to prepare. I don’t know how soon, but very soon. This is further evidence and testimony of Jesus, that His Spirit is one, and that God speaks one thing, and does not contradict Himself, for He is sovereign (which means He is apart from creation and is not affected by it). I have prayed so the LORD can give people dreams and knowledge of what’s going on now, and what will come so they can repent and recognize who Jesus is. Jesus wants the harvest of souls to be as big as possible, He wants to same as many as possible, so none should perish. Amen.

God bless you all, and may He care of you guys through the coming persecution days,
Marcos, Puerto Rico 🙂

Signs in the heavens as written in the Bible – by Marcos

Hello everyone, this is Marcos. On May 28, 2021, I had a dream in which I remembered when the Bible states that the moon will become red as blood and that there will be spiritual darkness in the Great Tribulation. I also saw a situation concerning the future of India and Pakistan.

Joel 2: 28-32 (KJV)

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:
29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.
30 And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars of smoke.
31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.
32 And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

Dream: I was with my family and we were driving to my grandmother’s house, on the southern region of our country (PR). As we were on the highway, I saw both the moon and the sun on both sides of the sky. (We sometimes see the moon and the sun in the daylight where we live). My attention was drawn to the moon, and I saw as the atmosphere went very dark, and I felt a lot of spiritual darkness. Then the moon turned as red as blood and there was a part of the moon which had more red light than the rest.

Suddenly, I found myself looking on the earth like from a satellite’s point of view. I saw the Indian subcontinent and weather forecasts of different cities in northern India, Nepal, and parts of Pakistan. But instead of cloud icons (like this: ) in each city, I saw fire in every city. All the cities in northern India, in Nepal, north Pakistan, and neighboring countries were burning. Then I was moved to the house of a young Indian woman. She was washing her children’s clothes and I knew she represented India. Then I saw this other woman, but she was Muslim. She was wearing a “Burqa” (which is a full body “hijab” used in regions controlled by the Taliban), but it only left her eyes uncovered. She was very angry at the Indian woman, and I knew she wanted revenge because of something the Indian woman did to her, but I didn’t know what it was. The Muslim woman approached the Indian woman and began to threaten her. She told her that she was going to throw a bomb in her house and kill her 8 children and 40 other people whom she cared for as well. Then she threw the bomb and the Indian woman dropped down to take cover. When it exploded, she screamed and the Muslim woman fled, but the Indian woman wasn’t hurt. Her children were outside and they weren’t harmed.

After I saw this, I returned and saw the cities on fire, from the satellite’s point of view. Then I understood that the reason why the moon was red was because the moon was reflecting what was happening on the earth. Since the Indian subcontinent was burning (and this is a big part of Asia), the part of the moon that represented that region of the earth became brighter than the rest of the moon. So when people looked at the moon, they knew that something was happening on the earth.

I was surprised the people’s reaction to the red moon, because I noticed that the people in my country weren’t as shocked as I expected them to be. To me, it was like they were numb to this and paid little attention to what was happening around the world. Afterwards, I was transported to a city in Turkey, and I saw like a weather forecast of that city (possibly Ankara) and it showed that certain days were on “a red moon forecast“. I perceived that the Turkish people were more shocked at seeing the red moon than the people in Puerto Rico. And that was the end of the dream.

Some thoughts I had after the dream: this is only my personal opinion of what I saw and felt.

In terms of what I saw concerning India, I did some research and saw a documentary on Pakistani and Indian relations. I believe that the Muslim woman represented Pakistan for the following reasons: because both countries have a big dispute for the Jammu and Kashmir region, and because Islam is the predominating religion in Pakistan. Currently, both countries are known to have nuclear weapons. In the dream, the Muslim woman wanted revenge on the Indian woman because of something she did to her, but I didn’t know what she had done. The way she retaliated was by throwing a bomb into the Indian woman’s home to kill her descendants (children). After I saw that in the dream, I realized that God wanted to show me the reason for the fires in India. Please pray for India and Pakistan, and for God to have mercy on His children there, since there are a lot of Christians persecuted in India and Pakistan.

God bless you all!


Two dreams about aliens and emergency preparedness – by Marcos

Hello everyone! This is Marcos and I felt I should share two dreams I had in 2020 regarding aliens (or maybe zombies), and emergency preparedness. I understand that these themes may seem fictional, but I know other people, even in my family, who have had similar dreams from the LORD and have seen the same things. Also, people must understand that the devil will really try to deceive everyone in the last days before Jesus comes, and this may include faking an “alien” invasions or appearing as something that we see daily in our movie theaters or on TV, such as superheroes or anything else.

People nowadays see these things in movies and TV shows and have been told that these things come from the imaginations of movie directors or from Hollywood. But sometimes, I’ve asked myself, that if these things are so fantastic, why do people keep making such a fuss about aliens and zombies in movies and making films with “better” effects every year, but the topic is the still the same. If “myths” of ancient civilizations are just myths, why do archeologists treat them as facts and then tell us, “it’s just mythology“. Let me be clear on something: I’m not trying to convince anyone that these things exist. I simply want people to have a awareness of the enemy we are fighting against, and that the Bible says that even the elect could fall into his deceptive false miracles and wonders. (No wonder the Bible calls them “lying wonders”). Additionally, we must understand that the devil has done this before and had deceived the people of ancient civilizations and making them worship false idols and practice polytheism. So it should be of no surprise if he does the same with this generation, since history is bound to repeat itself.

Matthew 24: 21-22 (KJV)

21 For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.
23 Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.
24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.
25 Behold, I have told you before.
26 Wherefore if they shall say unto you, Behold, he is in the desert; go not forth: behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not.

Okay, so now the first dream:

Dream #1: I was in my aunt’s house with the rest of my immediate family and we were working in the kitchen storing food. We were trying to prepare for an emergency and we knew it was close. I was standing in the living room and I saw an ugly, pink colored “alien” creature enter the door. It was coming very slowly but none of us felt any fear. In fact, it came so slowly that it seemed friendly at first. Then I realized that much time was passing as this creature walked towards me. It felt like months or maybe some 2 or 3 years went by as it slowly came into the house. I had the understanding that this was happening worldwide, in any household. The creature would come into homes during a long period of time and they would only approach one family member of the group. In this case it approached me, and nobody did anything to prevent it to come. As it came, I saw a vision withing the dream in another neighbor’s house, and I saw the man of the house placing lots of barriers along his porch so the creature would not hurt his family, but unfortunately, no matter what you did, they literally went through it like it was a hologram. I knew that they were permitted to go and they had to go into one person of each family in the world. When he finally reached me, I saw that it had extremities like us, but they were awkwardly bent and disgusting. It was almost like seeing someone with not outer skin and just pale pink skin from the dermis layer. The alien came to me and he touched my forehead with his forehead, and then he went away. When he did that, my body suddenly became like his alien body, but my spirit was intact, so I was still myself inside. I was also able to see what happened to others, and there were two reactions in those who were touched by them:

  1. Either your body would become like theirs, (but you stayed as you were).
  2. Or, your body would stay the same, but you would be in a strange hypnotized state and your eyes would stay still and blinded. People who became like this started to attack other people, but only some of the ones who got the first reaction did attack as well. In the dream, I was aware that society called them the “Glassy eyed people“, because their eyes were looked as though they had artificial glass eyes and didn’t move them side-to-side.

In my case, I did not attack anyone, but my family members were scared of me because they thought I was one of them. But when I told them it was me, they were relieved. Then we went back to store more food and supplies in a closet but I couldn’t lift anything because my hands were not human and had weird fingers. We started to hear chaos outside and tried to hurry because we knew that people might come and attack. We went into a bedroom and I saw other family members who were there. My grandmother was scared of me but I told her it was me. Then I told some of them to pray for me so I could be normal again. So when they prayed, my body became human again.

Then we went outside to escape from the house and go somewhere safe. My dad saw a rifle on the ground close to the exit of the house and told me to go get it in a non-suspicious manner, so that no one else would fight with me and get the rifle. So I took it and then we saw other people looking for things to survive. We passed by them, and the thought that came into my head was that from now on, you couldn’t trust ANYONE, because no one knew who was human and who wasn’t. That was the end of the first dream.

Now this is the second dream which I had some days later:

Dream #2: I was on a hiking trip with my family and other strangers and we were going to take a rest in a city in the middle of a forest. The city had a round cylindrical shaped hotel where we could go and pass the night. I went upstairs to see which room I liked and I picked one that was rather empty. As I went up and down the stairs and looking at the place I saw various visions of ancient old men in wooden tables and they were writing prophetic words from the LORD. He told them to write that aliens ships (UFO’s) were going to come to that city in an appointed time. I saw something like old written ink on different pages in their books which contained words that God had given those men for that city. I had the perception of a date (Oct. 24) but I don’t know what it means yet, nor do I know what year it may happen. I felt like in the dream, the city represented the USA. After I saw that, I went to a kitchen in the hotel to get food so I could store it in my room and stay there until that alien event passed. There were two men talking and joking and they looked at me like I was crazy and being ridiculous because they thought nothing bad could happen. After bringing enough food into the room and sealing the windows, I was about to put the last item, when I saw a man on the hallway in a zombie-like state and I knew that the aliens had come. As they stormed the place, there was a lot of pandemonium going on as people tried to escape in terror and screaming. The aliens tried to kill people and chased everyone.

Then, night came and I was with my dad in another hallway. We had been hiding around the hotel the rest of the day, and at night, we tried to make no sound as we moved from place to place inside the hotel. My dad told me to get down, because the aliens were passing by the halls looking for survivors. I got down and looked at their appearance. Their skin was blue, like in the movie Avatar, and they had sharp teeth and they had extremities like us. The difference was that their brains were located outside of their bodies on their forehead, and their eyes were blind. Then, someone behind us made a sound and they looked at us and attacked us. One of them bit me and I began to attack people, (just like the last dream, my body turned into one like theirs). This time, I had a feeling I didn’t like. I was attacking people but in my head I didn’t want to do it. I was trying to resist it, but there was something that was controlling me against my will. I went outside to a nearby community center and my entire family was there. All my aunts, cousins, grandparents, and other family members were there. I don’t remember when but at some point in the dream, someone prayed for me and I was back to normal again. My grandmother asked if we could turn off the lights so that the aliens would not be attracted to us. When she said that, some aliens went running towards the place and attacked everyone. We were screaming and we didn’t know were to go. At the end of the dream, I was bitten by one and again, turned into one of them and began to attack my brother. Then I stopped and the dream paused. Then I finally woke up.

I hope that more people realize that reality is not what our world says but what God says, because He knows what is true and what is false. We have to be very vigilant and pray that the LORD Jesus Christ prepares us so that when these lying wonders happen in real life, we are not deceived, and we can at least warn others who are blind, even those in the Body of Christ who don’t yet know this is coming our way. May God bless everyone of you! Marcos.

Things Satan Copied from God’s Creation: A Comparison – by Marcos

Hi everyone, it’s Marcos! In March 20, 2021, the LORD revealed to me many devices and technologies we use today and how they are copies that the devil has made from God’s creation back in Genesis; remember that he wants to be like God, but he never will.

I was doing my Bible study in my room one night and, at the same time, I was listening to hymns with my Bluetooth headphones. While I was reading and listening simultaneously, God did something to my hearing (or to my mind) and I was able to isolate the music in my head and make a distinction between the artificial music I was listening to and the real natural sounds around me. It’s hard to explain, but the thought that came to my head was, “This is artificial.” Then the Holy Spirit kept bringing thoughts to my mind related to my Bluetooth headset. I understood that all headsets (but specifically those that are wireless) were all designed by Satan to “copy” God’s design of our human ears. Then I had more thoughts about this. As I started to write my thoughts down I received more things. Here’s the comparison of what the enemy has been trying to copy from God, (in the same order as I wrote them down):

  • Headphones = a copy of the human ears
  • Cameras = a copy of our human eyes
  • “Smart” devices = copies the human mind
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) = resembles our God-given creativity
  • Robots = try to replace other human beings (companions such as Adam and Eve which God created to help each other)
  • Virtual spaces (such as virtual reality, augmented reality, videogames, virtual chatting, and/or video meetings) = copies the Spiritual Realm created by God
  • Drones and flying machines = copy the birds which God created
  • Cars and land vehicles = try to copy horses and load-carrying animals

Isn’t all that God created good? The Bible does not say that lightly. When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them all they needed, including animals to carry loads and travel far distances. He gave them all the resources they needed to do the same things we do today. Of course, it requires more work, but there are technologies we use today that we don’t realize they come from Satan, who’s trying to be as God. Today, we use cars, trains, buses, and planes to travel to other countries and carry packages, but we don’t realize that God did not create cars or any of the smart objects of today. The enemy used the resources that were in God’s creation and tried to copy God.

You must understand that the internet is a spiritual place, and Satan wants to have his own “spiritual realm” as if he was God. That’s why the internet is such a dangerous spiritual weapon against us Christians and unbelievers alike, because the internet (or cyberspace) belongs to the future Beast. He owns this space, not God; and he can do as much damage as he wants to all those who are connected to the Worldwide Web. I’ve been feeling odd recently during online classes and I am aware that the internet is being used against my soul every time I take a class. It feels like some drowning force in my spirit and sometimes it even tries to cloud my thinking so I don’t concentrate on what I’m supposed to do. It’s a feeling that I’ve been asking God to explain, and now I understand why. He has also given me other dreams about what I should do with my academic career. The current decision that the education system has taken by placing students online for all these semesters is not natural for humans; but people just follow every “solution” that’s offered. This is a plan of the enemy to destroy education for good. I personally think that the elites have realized that in-person teaching at schools wasn’t satisfying their main goal of destroying holiness, such as the perverted “health” classes kids used to take at school and all the things that rebellious leaders have tried to teach children at school and youth at college, (this includes feminism and the LGBT propaganda). But now, their aim is to damage their vision, their hearing, and their emotional and physical health. I see this generation as one that will eventually need to have frequent visits to the doctor because of visual impairment due to “the pandemic” and “the online classes”.

Before I finished writing on my journal, God gave me an interesting question: “Why would humans create artificial beings or devices to replace themselves if they have the companion of other humans?. The next day, I was led to find a scene of a movie that I saw when I was a kid, in which it plainly describes how aliens (demons) created things such as touchscreens, search engines, and social networking (as the movie put it), and how these “aliens” sell their technology to the military, (in this case the US military). The worst part is that children, including myself at the time, saw this movie and it completely went over our heads. I will place the link of the YouTube video below this post. The movie is called: “Escape from Planet Earth“, and it came out in 2013.

I hope this information creates an awareness that the devices we are using every day are not normal for us humans, and that the closer we get the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, the more bizarre things will get. God is revealing to us the true colors of the people around us and how some of them have been faking a relationship with Him for a long time. He is separating the wheat from the tares and He is also raising people whom most would consider “nobodies” and using them as vessels to say what He wants to say no matter what others think of them. As these times get darker and darker, the Body of Christ will grow brighter as the Holy Spirit connects us with the right people so we can testify to others about Jesus Christ. Before His coming, He wants more people saved. We have to do our part in telling others whatever the Spirit puts in you at the moment, so that when Jesus comes, He can take as many saved individuals as there are. I pray so the LORD can give His dreams and revelations to those who are hard heartened or blind and at least show them the truth of how they should live their lives and be saved. Remember, our salvation is a decision. Jesus does not do that decision for us, because He already did His part on the Cross. It’s time to do our part and decide whom we will serve before He comes.

Thanks for reading, God bless! Marcos

P.S.: Here is the link of the scene which God led me to find as evidence that today’s new technologies were created by demons, and how they “sell” their fallen technologies to the military, and eventually the whole world: From the movie “Escape from Planet Earth” (2013)

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgkVg3lk1I4

Dream: Finding a place to be at peace with God- by Laura

God bless you brothers and sisters in Christ. I’d like to share a dream I had in the morning of April 7, 2021. Many of my dreams God uses to teach me and people I share them to, with spiritual truths supported and modeled by His word. Many times they expand on the implications of those teachings in our daily lives and the areas we should be paying attention to.

As with all you read, hear, or receive, please take it to the Lord in prayer and take the time to meditate on the accompanying scriptures.

The dream:

In this dream I am attending a class reunion (25 years later). I was an average student at school socially speaking and by no means hung out with the “popular kids”. But here we were in our 40’s all together in one place. I saw a former friend and sat by his side. He was a very nice person at school. Although there was a lot of conversation coming from the “popular” people around, he was by himself and I asked him about his life and if he had a family. As soon as I asked that, people around stopped talking and began eavesdropping on our conversation. He did not answer me and left evidently trying to avoid the crowd.

I then engaged in conversation with this group of the many popular people which in the dream represented mainstream mentality, a.k.a., worldly people.

At one point I was enthusiastic about having their attention since I never did at school. However, it felt weird in my spirit. Good in my mind, not in my spirit.

They began talking about their lives and the past in a frantic way. Lots of noise and information etc. They also began engaging in improper conversations of sexual nature and tempting me to engage in sinful acts. They began to set me traps intensively. At some point I felt I couldn’t keep up fleeing them. I felt confused and tried to avoid them. While doing that a couple of these people began accusing me of committing some sins in the past. First, I was sure the things they said were not true, but after hearing them I began to doubt if they were right and I had forgotten about it. I felt confused and sad. Then another former student appeared and shouted to the rest that she had proof of my former sins (meaning she had a record of them).

I felt ashamed thinking they might be right and I may have had forgotten them. I felt like a liar for thinking I was a child of God since there was people accusing me of sins I had done (although I did not remember). I began to drift away from them and started talking to God. I told the Lord that if they were right, then I was not ok with Him since I had not repented from those sins. I was sad because I though that if they were right, I had fooled myself thinking I had a relationship with the Lord when it was not so. Listening to my accusers and engaging with them left me very tired, frustrated, and confused. I could not think right. It shocked me how convincing they were.

I was sad while repeating all that information in my head. However, as I left the group completely and all got quiet around me, I began feeling more confident that what they had said was false. My mind began to clear up and I was sure I was not the person they said I was. I was also not feeling tempted to engage in the sin traps they had laid out for me. I got a bit mad about it. Then I heard a voice that I believe was the Lord’s tell me: “Depart from these people. You should look for companion with these others”. Suddenly I saw a different group of former classmates walk in front of me. They did not notice me. They were a few of them and scattered around. Maybe one fourth the size of the previous group. Most were walking alone and only some walked in pairs. They seemed quiet and focused. They were not looking for others, but minding their own affairs. One of them was a former popular person from the other group that had been changed. There was a reassuring confidence to them. I understood these people represented the remnant. It felt great to know I did belong to a group.

Then I prayed and told the Lord. “I need to be at peace and communion with you”. I had lost my peace in the previous experience. I said again: “I need to find a place to be at peace and communion with You”. Then I saw a big building in front of me and I entered it knowing I was to find that place in there. I understand this building has both natural and spiritual meaning to it in the dream, but mostly spiritual. It was a spiritual place I was looking for.

After opening the main door, I saw the same crowd of the “popular people” that represented the world occupying a very large, spacious, and wide room. It was busy, noisy, and as they saw me, they began to look at me and approach me (without stopping what they were doing) in order to engage me again. I looked at the floor quietly not to get distracted and advanced quickly in a straight line past them. At the end of that large room there was a corridor and I entered through it. I left the large room behind. It was way quieter and there were no people on it. However, I passed doors of rooms to my right and left hands in which I knew were people doing things. None approached me and I believe these people were the second group I saw outside. The remnant. They were working.

As I kept walking, I felt better in my spirit. I was still looking for “the place where I would be at peace with God”. I noticed that the corridor I was walking through became narrower and that I could not see doors now. I kept walking and I knew in my spirit I was getting deeper into the building, not crossing it to exit through the other side like would happen in the real world. The corridor became even narrower so that only 2 people would fit. Then I heard someone crying, more like sobbing. The person was in a closed-door room and I knew in that room only 2 people fit. I knew it was a woman and that she was with the Lord. The room was blue and the Lord made me know it was the repentance room. I felt happy to hear her crying, because she was being forgiven and there was a relief tone to her sobbing. As I passed by the room, I knew I could not continue without entering there. I knew I’d been there already and that the place I’m looking for is coming next. Then I told the Lord: “I’ve already been in there”. I knew I meant recently and I smiled. I got convicted in my spirit of having been forgiven. I was clear all the previous accusations were false and that I was ok to continue walking. My next step took me to a corridor that would only fit one person. Another person maneuvered to pass me by (this person was walking in the opposite direction). When we crossed, I entered this place where only I fit. It was a super narrow corridor with no exit. The building ended there. No windows, nothing. I’m claustrophobic and it’s incredible how awesome and at peace I felt in that place. It was dark red in color and a seating/ resting small platform came out of the wall. I sat down there and knew I had found the place. I had reached the place where I was at peace and intimate communion with God. It was red. Covered in the blood of Jesus Christ who died for me. To be at peace I just had to stay there.

Dream ended.

Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:13-14

It was a beautiful way of God explaining where His children should be in these times. As far away as possible from the world. We need to cut the influx of information from the world and get into the WORD of God. Not doing so exposes us unnecessarily to enemy attacks and we should know he will waste not one opportunity to hurt us. When in company of people, choose to be with the remnant to do God’s work and support each other in the name of the Lord. Visiting the repentance room continually is important so we have full access to the secret place of protection, communion, direction, and peace covered in the blood of Jesus Christ.

While meditating on the dream I immediately understood the red color in the last place meant the blood of Christ, however I was not clear about the blue color in the closed-door room of repentance. I prayed and felt in my spirit the blue symbolized death to sin and to self. So, I checked in the Bible for the meaning regarding the use of blue color. Everything we receive must be sifted through God’s word and in prayer. I found this Bible passage in Numbers that basically explains how blue cords added to the garments of God’s people served to remind them to be consecrated to the Lord and walk in His will and not their own ways. A dying of sin and self so He could live in them. Glory to God for revealing His Word in such amazing ways.

Here’s the passage:

The Lord said to Moses, “Speak to the Israelites and say to them: ‘Throughout the generations to come you are to make tassels on the corners of your garments, with a blue cord on each tassel. You will have these tassels to look at and so you will remember all the commands of the Lord, that you may obey them and not prostitute yourselves by chasing after the lusts of your own hearts and eyes.  Then you will remember to obey all my commands and will be consecrated to your God.  I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt to be your God. I am the Lord your God.’Numbers 15:37-41

Thanks for visiting the blog. Please share as led by the Lord. God bless you.

Living in the Beast System: The love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21) – by Mark

I has this dream on March 29, 2021.

In this dream, the LORD helped me understand why in Matthew 24, Mark 13, and in Luke 21 it says that “The love of many will grow (or wax) cold.” I understood this in person, and believe me, it’s something I don’t want to live in real life, when it happens.

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.” Matthew 24:12


I was with my mom and my brother in a hospital. I knew many things instantly as the dream began. I knew it was some future time, but I don’t know when. In the hospital we were making a line with other people for a vaccine. I also knew that this vaccine was not the current ones being offered today; I understood that the government had created another health crisis (because you must understand this is all well planned by the government) and was now doing more propaganda for this “new” injection. I also thought that it may have been for a “covid #2” or some other disease, but it was like it happened again and the elites were really pushing for it this time. At the end of the dream I returned to this hospital and saw other things which I will say in point #3.

(There was another scene afterwards in another place but that was for me personally).

After this I was with my mom alone in a car and we were driving towards a grocery store because we had to buy some things, although we didn’t want to go there. This scene was quick but I saw many things about the Beast system and how his technology will be. I must say that even though people think it will be like having flying cars everywhere or like some futuristic movies, it’s nothing like this, (at least in the city I was in). Yes, there was a bit more “advancement” in technology, but when I looked at it, it did not look shocking at all. I could tell what was a plane, a car, a highway, buildings, stores, and pretty much all infrastructure. The only difference was that they belonged to the Beast. One thing that remained in the dream that stood out to me was that all that belonged the the Beast was DIRTY. When I say dirty I mean that I could see buildings, cars, and all objects that belonged to him were completely covered with thin black “scratches”. It was like everything was just slightly dirty, both physically dirty and spiritually dark. In this dream I knew that the Beast system was still expanding it’s rule, so it didn’t have full power over the whole world, yet. I “saw” in thoughts in the dream how the Beast would offer an “upgrade” to a store or business. The Beast was dealing mostly with capturing businesses so that they could use his technology as a commodity for their services. I also knew that if the store wanted to apply his tech to their establishment, they had to pay a price. The price was that everything in that business had to become slightly dirty or messy and rugged, not sleek or modern. It felt like the store had to downgrade itself but at the same time receive this new tech. Fortunately, some stores were still permitted to opt out and not accept it if they wanted. That’s why I say that I understood that the Beast system was not yet in full power, because it permitted people to “choose”. But remember that in the end, all will have to submit if they don’t want to die. That’s why the Bible says in the Book of Revelations that the Beast causeth all to receive his mark.

At the end of this scene, before I entered the store, I perceived something I have never experienced in any dream I’ve had. I began to believe that my mom was the one that was dreaming and that the LORD had put me there to explain to her what was happening as the dream went on. It was so weird, because I felt that I was there in her dream, and when I woke up, I realized I was the one dreaming. That’s why this dream shocked me so much because it felt real in the Spirit and in my body.

When we entered this store, I saw when “the love of many grew cold”! There were middle aged adults and some older in their 50’s. There was a woman that positioned herself next to us and just started to randomly scream curses and then went to another person and started arguing. This was how everybody was! People threw metal cans at each other, provoked each other, screamed and pushed each other, simply because it seemed fun. There were NO social rules. You were allowed to do whatever you desired in any public space simply because you wanted to. It was chaotic, and if you did not have an attitude, even for a bit of defense, you would breakdown in this type of society. Trust me, today people are like angels compared to the people in these times. One aspect of this social instability that was prevalent was that if you had children, and you went to a store or public place, a stranger would plant him or herself next to your children and start to scream as many disgusting curse words as they could before the parent pushed them aside and kept walking. Their motive for such act was so that children would be exposed to as many foul speech as possible so that their minds would become polluted. That was everyone’s mentality. So if you have children in this future Beast society, please take care of what they hear and see, but especially what they hear. Now this reminds me of a part in Matthew 24 were there is a ‘Woe’ to mothers and those who “give suck in those days” (KJV). It will be the worst time for children.

As we progressed in the store and started to try to buy what we needed, I was explaining to my mom about the Beast system and about what the Bible said of those times as we were there (because I thought I was in her dream). But when I tried to end what I was saying, there were three small tremors, and the people were somewhat alarmed or cautious, but they were not screaming as many would do today. They were so wicked that not even earthquakes would make them repent or at least fear for their live. Now I see why in the book of Revelations it says that even after the seven seals, trumpets, and the cups of God’s wrath were poured, NO ONE repented of their sins. At one point we were buying some meat in the frozen food section (during all that madness), and then came one of the janitors of the store and he had a cleaning spray in his hand. He just went to people and sprayed in their faces and body simply to annoy them and then ran away laughing. He went to me and sprayed me and I became so angry that I took a can of food and threw it at his face twice, or at least I tried to. Then he went away with a mocking face and laughed and kept doing his spraying spree. He even sprayed my mom, but she was so shocked or focused in what we were doing (buying what we needed), that she didn’t even bother to look at him to tell him to stop. It was like she was traumatized or in shock of all this.

Before we exited the store, I was shown the new “upgrade” that the Beast had done to the store (which also had the dirty scratches everywhere). I saw a younger man who was going to check out of the store and pay in the Scan & Go. But it was a bit different. He was carrying the store’s new shopping cart that the Beast had given it. It was made of metal and instead of having holes where one sees through the cart what’s inside, it was sealed with planks of steel except for the bottom. The bottom had like red neon light and I could feel as if heat came from there. The cart also make an annoying humming sound like an engine and what was new about it was that it had magnetic or motion sensors. Another person crossed in its path and it automatically repelled from the person and didn’t bump into him. I could hear the loudspeakers of the store announcing their new cart and how it is “to keep our customers safe, blah, blah, blah…”. When the guy went to the register, instead of putting the products in the conveyor belt, he would put the cart close to the side of the register and somehow the cart would blend like liquid with the Scan & Go machine and he carried the cart away. So he could actually pay on the go. This was the Beast’s upgrade to this store.

Finally, I was in the same hospital in which I was before at the beginning of the dream. We were in the same line for the “new” shot. As we were waiting, my brother asked me something about this jab, but I didn’t respond because what he said was something about how dangerous it was and I knew that no one was allowed to say anything in public against this injection, or one could get in trouble. Because I didn’t respond, he asked again the same question but I told him whispering to stop asking. Then a stranger came near us and he was eavesdropping on us to hear what we were saying and he asked us if everything was alright. There was a lot of tension! I don’t know why but when the stranger told us that, I looked to my hand and I was carrying a voice recorder I had inside a zip lock bag. I don’t know why I had it, but all I remember is that the recorder was given emphasis in the dream. When I looked to my left I saw a man who was already jabbed and he was acting very hyper and he couldn’t stop moving and telling people almost screaming: “Oh, you got to have this thing! Guys you have to get this vaccine, now!”. He was so unnaturally hyper that it almost looked like when a person is turning into zombies like the movies but his mind was intact. I mean that he could still speak by himself and could make emotions, but I noticed that he could hardly control his movements, like when toddlers don’t want to stay still. I also noticed that the man was looking at a TV screen which was bombarding the viewers with so much propaganda for this injection. It was so much that it would drive you crazy. It even contained music like when the Chinese Communist Party promotes something with an orchestra-like song. I also noticed a figure in all the screens and I knew it was the Beast in person promoting this. Throughout the dream there were TV’s everywhere on the streets and the loudspeakers of the stores where bombarding this message to everyone.

I hope you can understand that the details that Jesus mentioned in the Bible about the End Times are more intense that we all think. We all have an idea of what the End will be like, but we will never know until we are living in it. As a child, I used to think the birth pangs would be like this or like that. But these current years have shocked me. I would have never expected all these events like the way we are seeing them now. That’s because God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts are above our thoughts and His timing is His timing, not ours. Well, that’s all for now.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Isaiah 55:9

God bless you guys! Mark.

A Word for Estonia – Sõna Eestile (by Mark)

Hi everyone, it’s Mark! I want to share a word the LORD gave me in a vision I had last month (on March of 2021)


While in my personal prayer time, I saw a picture of a country’s flag (which had a black, light blue, and white stripes) and a figure Jesus was standing in front of it stretching His hands forth. I understood in my spirit that the LORD was “giving Estonia a second chance”, and that ” He still loves Estonia” (when I saw the vision, I immediately recognized what country it was about).

The next day I went on the internet and searched for Estonia and I searched about religion in Estonia. As I kept reading and searching, I ended up searching for “List of countries by religious importance” (or “Importance of Religion by Country”). Then I found a Wikipedia article about this, and… guess what? Estonia ranks as the number one country in the world (out of the 195 countries that exist today) where most of its citizens consider any form of faith as “unimportant” (which is 76% of the population). Then I understood why Jesus is giving Estonia a second chance!

The LORD did not give me any knowledge of any judgements on this country, but I understand that He wants Estonians to repent of their sins and turn back to Him. I believe God will judge this country, as He must do with all the 195. But I was not given any knowledge of what judgements. All He told me was that “He is giving ESTONIA a second chance.”

If you are Estonian or you know anyone who is Estonian, please share this word of warning so that they can at least consider finding God, because God will find them. God finds those who seek Him!

 “And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13

The link where I found the info about Estonia:

Thank you and God bless! Mark.

Below is the post translated in Estonian (using Google Translate); please forgive any mistakes:

“Isiklikul palveajal nägin ma riigi lipu pilti (millel olid mustad, helesinised ja valged triibud) ning kuju ees seisis Jeesus, kes sirutas käed ette. Mõistsin oma vaimus, et ISSAND “annab Eestile teise võimaluse” ja et “Ta armastab endiselt Eestit”.

Järgmisel päeval käisin internetis ja otsisin Eestit ning otsisin religiooni kohta Eestis. Lugedes ja otsides jätkasin otsinguid “Riikide loetelu religioosse tähtsuse järgi” (või “Religiooni tähtsus riikide kaupa”). Siis leidsin selle kohta Wikipedia artikli ja arvake ära. Eesti on maailma esimese riigina (täna eksisteerivast 195 riigist) riigina, kus enamik selle kodanikke peab mis tahes usuvormi “ebaoluliseks” (see on 76% elanikkonnast). Siis sain aru, miks annab Jeesus Eestile teise võimaluse!

ISSAND ei andnud mulle mingeid teadmisi selle riigi kohta tehtud kohtuotsustest, kuid ma saan aru, et ta tahab, et eestlased parandaksid oma patte ja pöörduksid Tema poole tagasi. Usun, et Jumal mõistab selle riigi üle kohut, nagu ta peab tegema kõigi 195-ga. Kuid mulle ei antud mingeid teadmisi selle kohta, milliseid kohtuotsuseid. Ta ütles mulle ainult, et “Ta annab EESTI-le teise võimaluse”.

Kui olete eestlane või teate kedagi eestlast, jagage palun seda hoiatussõna, et nad saaksid vähemalt kaaluda Jumala leidmist, sest Jumal leiab nad üles. Jumal leiab need, kes Teda otsivad! (loe Jeremija 29:13)

Aitäh, jumal õnnistagu!”

The current state of America and God’s protection – by Mark

Hi this is Marcos and I would like to share a symbolic dream I had about America on September 29, 2020. 

   I was somewhere in the United States, and I was standing in a parking lot of a huge Mall or Shopping Center. It was a snowy night, so I knew I was in the USA during winter. I noticed that the Mall was so big, that its two entrances were as big as house garage doors. The entrance was designed so people could enter the Mall with their cars and actually park them inside. The exit was just as big, but people exited on foot. I entered the Mall on foot through the car entrance. As I walked inside I saw abundance. Instead of shelves of products, the Mall had mountains of food, weapons, home appliances, and toys. This Mall had so much, I knew it was a blessing from God. The dream was long enough that I started to explore every inch of it. I picked a huge watermelon from the mountain of fruits and I thought, “WOW, the LORD has blessed these people more than other places where people have little to eat. God has given them a great blessing.” As I kept walking, I passed the liquor section and noticed people in expensive clothing who were drunk, (apparently it was permitted to drink inside the establishment). In my spirit I felt that there was so much vanity. At one point in the dream, I stopped walking in the middle of the store. All I did was watch people go here and there shopping, buying frantically, not caring for anyone other than themselves.

Suddenly, I felt as though I was going to wake up, as though the dream was ending; it started to black out. Then I felt the LORD put me back in the dream, and the dream resumed. I saw sentences suspended in front of me and heard that God did not want me to wake up yet, He had something to show me. Then I walked towards the entrance and began to cross the path where the cars were supposed to enter. As I was crossing to the other side of the path, a pink motorcycle almost hit me and I got back and just stood there on the edge of the path. I noticed two little girls from a nearby couple who were playing around and were about to cross the same path. Then out of the dark (from outside), a gray/brown van came in fast and hit them, throwing them to the other side of the path. Everybody ran towards them and the traffic stopped. I arrived first to one of the girls. Then I remembered that I used to take an elective in First Aid at college (in real life not in the dream). So I started to check her for injuries and saw a strain of blood coming from her mouth. Both were bruised and unconscious. Somehow I knew they were either dead or dying. (In the dream, I had the knowledge that it was a common thing for people to get hit by cars in this Mall, and most people weren’t so shocked about it). As the paramedics tried to find their way through the crowd, there arrived the Leader of the Mall. He was an old man, maybe in his 50’s or 60’s and he was wearing a old fashioned English suit and tie, like in the Colonial Times. This suit was all white and the inner shirt was pale blue. He had a lot of money and expensive clothing. He made his way towards the incident site and said to the people, “Everything will be fine, I will help these poor girls, we will take care of them…”. But he only thought of his wealth. Then the Lord gave me a word of truth about this man. The LORD told me how much this man cared for his money and how he would rather lose one person at the Mall than lose one dollar bill! (that was how the LORD described him).

Then I stood up on a platform nearby and started to tell the people the truth about this man. The crowd said good things about him and everybody thought he was like a philanthropist. The first time I spoke, I was about to end with an important fact about him, when he made distracting noises and started to talk over me. It happened three times in a row, I spoke three times and he interrupted the most important part at the end. Every time he interrupted, he looked straight at me, as though he wanted to hurt me if I dared say those things about him. After the third attempt, we started to argue. The argument grew stronger and more violent. As we argued, the Mall started to close and people began to leave. Then we started to push each other back and forth, trying to punch each other. At one point, the Leader of the Mall pinned me between a shelf and a corridor. He took out a whip from a pile of weapons and started to walk towards me. I heard him say: “It is Illegal for you to fight back!” The whip’s handle was like two planks of wood nailed together into the shape of a cross. But the evil man was holding it upside down on purpose, so as to “show” me whom he really affiliated himself with (the upside down cross is the official symbol for Satanism and most occult practices). Suddenly, instead of hitting me with the whip, he broke the cord and threw it away. I saw on the side of one of the planks of wood, the initials, chapter, and verse of some Book from the Bible. It was printed in gold letters, but I couldn’t really see which book of the Bible it was. For some reason, I believe I saw something like this, “Deu. 3: 20“, (I don’t know exactly what part of the Bible it was, but this is the closest I remember).

Then, as the man approached me and prepared to hit me with the wooden upside down cross, his face was transformed into a demonic ugly face. His eyes bulged outwards, his face grew in deterioration, and he began salivating. As he was almost about to hit me, I felt in the spirit an urgency to pray. I prayed: “God, protect me please, protect me!“. Then I heard the voice of a very old man saying, “PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE THE LORD.” As I heard this other voice, I was immediately transported physically in the dream to a nearby school classroom. I appeared there, sitting on a seat, and everyone in the classroom, and the teacher, looked at me like saying, “Where did this guy come from?, How did he appear here?” I vividly remember the shocked face of the teacher, whose mouth was wide open in shock and disbelief. When I appeared in this classroom, I was looking at myself from outside my body, and I was still in the same praying position as I was before the evil man hit me. I saw that I had not realized that I had been taken out by the LORD from that place, and He kept me from being hurt in any way. He delivered me both physically and spiritually. End of the dream.

Interpretation from the LORD: 

  1. The Mall is America (as in the United States of America), with the blessings that the LORD has given her. The amount of food and resources that God has given to this Mall (USA) were so abundant, more than other countries that have less resources. But her people have overlooked the blessings and think that the blessing comes because of them. And they simply care of satisfying themselves instead of giving thanks to God who gave the Mall all these resources, more than anyone could ask.
  2. The Leader of the Mall is the true leader of America, neither Trump nor Biden. There is someone whom we don’t know right now, who is the real leader of America. Trump and Biden are simply THE FACES WE SEE. This unknown man is a demonically possessed person. The crowd cheered to him in the dream because they falsely believed that he was there to help. But he cared nothing about them.

Although God had blessed the Mall with abundant material goods, the people who went to shop filled it with vanity and forgot the blessing. The man of the Mall is simply benefiting himself from the people who are buying at this place and getting richer and richer. The fact that God took me from the evil man means that Jesus will protect his own! I was talking to my mom about this and she reminded me about the occurrences in the Bible where God had physically transported people from one place to another instantly at will, (the Ethiopian eunuch and the Apostle Paul, I think they were). I strongly believe that THE LORD will do great miracles such as these, to deliver His children from persecution in the last days. I believe that since we are in the end times, God will physically transport people from place to place to reach others with the Gospel and to take them out of harm’s way. Because He can do anything. There is nothing impossible for the LORD. 

Some might ask, why would God physically transport people from one place to another? Some may say that it is too fantastic (even for some who call themselves “Christians” but are not), or that the LORD “doesn’t operate in that way, etc…” Those who believe such must find more FAITH in HIM. Understand that He can do all things. And when the LORD JESUS said that faith can move mountains, He was speaking literally, literal mountains, He wasn’t just speaking “metaphorically” as many think today. I understand because we sometimes make the LORD seem human in our own limited human minds. He has attributes we don’t have. Why must we minimize the LORD’s power? God is a Spirit, but He also works physically. 
Thank you and God bless!

Testimony: The Truth about the Boy Scout of America and the Order of the Arrow. (Part 1) – by Mark

Greetings everyone and God bless! My name is Mark and I’m a new editor for this blog. I want to share a testimony that the LORD gave to me three years ago, and I have felt for a long time that I should share it with others.

“He said to them, “Do you bring in a lamp to put it under a bowl or a bed? Instead, don’t you put it on its stand? For whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.” Mark 4:21-22

Before I begin, I would like to mention that if you belong to the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, The Order of the Arrow, or to any other scouting organization, this may be a great shock to you; especially if your relationship with Jesus Christ is something you really care about.

As a quick review, the Boy Scout of America is a ‘non-profit’ organization that teaches essential camping skills to young boys and hold outdoor community service activities such as: cleaning beaches, camping, hiking, and volunteering in national parks. Most people today believe it to be a perfect “Christian” service group which brings blessings and great experiences to our young generations and teaches them the essentials for life. Unfortunately, that has never been the case.

When I was around 8 years old, I joined a local Boy Scout Troop #723. I began as a Cub Scout, which is a group for the younger ones, and then moved to the actual Troop in 2012, when I was 10. In the Troop I enjoyed campings, overnights, hikings, kayakings, swimming, and Merit Badge courses. I learned how to use knifes, axes, building tools, rifles, how to make different types of fireplaces, how to set up tents, how to behave in emergencies, how to perform CPR, and lots of other lifesaving experiences. For years, I never thought there was anything wrong with our organization. The fact that there might be some evil, dark secrets hidden for centuries in this organization just never crossed my mind. Everything looked too good to even be spoiled. Until the day I was invited to join the Order of the Arrow.

If by chance you are a Boy Scout visiting this page and you still haven’t been chosen by your Troop to join this pagan group (Order of the Arrow), I advise that you please read this post and then decide for yourself. I will place evidence links below this post so you can see what I’m talking about.

In spring of 2018, during one of our routine Saturday reunions, I was chosen, along with some others, to become a Candidate of the Order of the Arrow. The reason I was chosen was because “I was one of the few members of the Troop that followed the Oath more than others.” So, basically, the OA (that’s their initials) is an exclusive membership organization. You cannot join or attend their ceremonies if your Troop hasn’t chosen you. If you are a member, you are not even allowed to SAY what goes on in their activities. It is exclusive, which makes it right for me to say that it is a secret elite organization within the Boy Scouts. And that’s no “conspiracy“. Go talk to a member and ask him what the ceremonies are like. I can assure you he will refuse. They know that if they are caught saying those things, their membership will be revoked.

After one month or two, I was invited with my dad to a Candidate Meeting at a local College Campus. We attended an orientation course about what the Order of the Arrow was. They told us what to bring, what not to bring, and shared other’s “experiences”. After that, they gave us the brochure and a paper to fill so that we could go to the initiation camping some months later. Before this experience however, I was previously invited to an OA camping the Winter before. But, THANKS TO GOD, I did not go. I just wanted to stay with my family and enjoy Christmas and I was younger by then. Also, I strongly believe now that the LORD protected me from going there before the appointed time. I figure I may have been spiritually weaker than I was when I went in my second invitation, so the LORD wanted to give me this experience when I was ready. And everything came out as He planned.

Alright, so let’s get to the point of all this. In summer of 2018, I attended the camping of my second invitation to the Order of the Arrow. It was scheduled to begin on a Friday night and ended next Sunday morning. So basically it took a whole weekend, as oppose to our annual national camps which may take between 5-7 days depending on the season, (summer or winter). On that Friday, my dad and I packed the stuff we prepared and headed to the Guajataka Scout Reserve, which is on the center west side of our island (Puerto Rico). Upon arrival, we put on our large hiking backpacks, and all our uniform and headed to the food court which was the place one was to register. After we registered we just stayed there with the other members of my troop who were selected. There were members of other troops across the island, because all campings done in Guajataka are national. We were then separated in to random groups so that in each group there was at least one member of a different group. The groups were called Patrols, which are the same divisions used in Boy Scout Troops. The staff, who were members of the OA but also of our age, told us to go outside to the dirt path and stand in lines so we could be transported somewhere. It was nighttime, so the only lights available were those of the gazebos, the food court, and our portable lights. Unfortunately, before we were registered, the staff did a backpack inspection. They confiscated most of our matches and left us with only 5 in the box, took away our flashlights, and any writing paper and/or writing utensil, such as pencils, pens, etc. They did this as part of the “challenge” we were supposed to go through, but nobody thought it was weird. Anyways, we started to walk somewhere I didn’t know and then we turned to our right and into a forest area that did not appear to have any paths. It was pitch dark, and I was a little suspicious at first. We walked for like 20 minutes but I really don’t know how long.

As we walked, I couldn’t see well but I noticed familiar structures on the side of whatever paths we were walking through, (I later discovered that one of them was a “chapel” and another was an abandoned tiny cabin). When we finally arrived to our unknown destination, we stopped at a part of the path which ended on a shore facing the Guajataka lake, where we usually do canoeing and stuff like that. That shore was empty of grass, it has 12 candles in a circle shape on the ground, and there was an unlit bigger fireplace in the center, it was just the wood, but no fire on it. Then came and guy dressed in native American Indian clothing, and started to speak like a story or something but I didn’t pay much attention. I was just slightly confused, but I didn’t know why. After that we went through another path, which I then remembered it was close to Campsite C. We arrived to this other place which is where the American, Puerto Rican, and Troop flags are raised every morning during the annual campings. But there were only the poles, no flags. Then, one of the other guys dressed in Indian clothing placed himself ahead of our line and we were told to follow him. We started to do circles around this outdoor place, with our backpacks still on, and to me it was like for another 15-20 minutes of just circles and circles like when people do Conga lines in parties one in front of the other. After that exhausting nonsense, we headed back to the same trail we had crossed before to go to the first ceremony on the fireplaces. This time one of the staff told our groups to stop in the middle of the paths and literally set our tents there! It was very uncomfortable because there were roots and the ground was uneven. We were told to do our tents without our flashlights, which I said before were confiscated at our registration. I don’t know how I was able to build mine, but I did it so fast, then afterwards I became aware that God helped me do it. During the camp I felt God’s presence and I knew He was with me, even though I was confused all the time. The only words I have for the feeling I had was DEEP CONFUSION! Before I went to sleep there, a staff dressed as one of those Indian magicians, who was the Elangomat (as the ceremony transcripts say), went to every one of us and told us: “When you wake up, you are going to make a fire place in front of your tent.” Then I went to sleep.

The next day, I woke up and collected all the wood and did the fire, with the supervision of that Elangomat guy. My fire did not lit, but he said that it was okay and told me to go meet with the rest of the group. I arrived to this grassy area a couple meters away from the food court, and we were told to go in a line. Before I keep going, I must let you guys know that in the groups we were in, the adults were separate from us, and I only saw my dad in specific times where we were told to go do an activity with all the groups. Anyway, we were told to go in lines and they gave us a small portion of food. They asked if anyone was hypoglycemic or diabetic, so that no one would develop adverse reactions if they were given just a small ration of food.

After they gave us that food which consisted of: boiled eggs, orange juice some white grapes, and some cookies. I was confused of why didn’t they give us food at the food court as they do in our annual meetings. After this we went to do a variety of jobs throughout the Scout Reserve. Sometimes we went to clean bathrooms, other times we went to the food court and swept the place with brooms, others went to collect wood, and at one point my group went to make those same candles we had seen the night before. One interesting aspect of the camping that I cannot leave out was that since the beginning of the second day, Saturday, we were all instructed to stay silent and not speak at all. They called it a vote of silence and we were also told to just “meditate on our lives“. (They said we were not allowed to speak anything until Saturday night). That’s when my confusion grew so big! I went around asking some of the younger staff questions about this like: “Why aren’t we allowed to speak anything? What do we have to meditate on? Why are we doing this work for? Do you know what we’re doing this for?” Some of them said: “Silence Candidate!”, and others: “Well, I actually don’t know, you just ‘meditate’.” It was nonsense to me. And most of all, I just felt SPIRITUALLY CONFUSED. I asked God: “What is this and why do I feel so confused and oppressed?” I felt this was also spiritual, like something was not right. I felt that something about all this camping was out of place but I was confused because I didn’t know exactly why or what it was.

One of the jobs we did was that we went to the place were they had done the registration and we set some chairs and tables there to do some work with materials that were present. There were large folded pieces of cardboard, old mattresses from the different campsites, old newspaper, and 12 large metal cans. We were told to place each of the items divided in each can so that each had the same amount of these flammable substances. So you guys know, we were actually making our own lights that were going to be used in the last Ordeal Ceremony, with the pieces of mattresses from the campgrounds! We were creating something pagan for our own spiritual harm without us knowing! This was one of the jobs that has impacted me the most. They made us do these things, preparing the tools for them to do those ceremonies, instead of them making it. This makes the spiritual consequence more personal and dangerous.

After all our “chores”, we were told to rest in a grassy area in front of the food court area. As we just sat there in circled groups, they told us not to fall asleep. But I was SO tired and hungry that at one point I just laid back and placed my cap on top of my face so the sun didn’t shine on me and tried to fall asleep. But one of the staff told me: “Hey candidate, wake up, you cannot sleep!”. What scouting organization forces sleep deprivation (which is a type of torture) on its participants? Aren’t “Youth Protection” pamphlets supposed to protect us?

As I look back as these events today, as an adult, I see them more as abuses rather than challenges. I was younger by then, and I did not understand why they did not allow us to sleep after all the work we had done around the camp. I also did not understand why they had given us less food as a breakfast and then expect us to work and not rest until late at night. These things have given wounds to my spirit and they are one of the main reasons why I get mad when I remember these events. People must understand that these practices have been carried out for over a century, since 1910 when the Boy Scouts was founded, and many times I have felt God’s anger at the fact that this has been hidden for so long and nobody has had the courage to bring it to light and expose them.

At the end of the day, we were told to go to our campsites, take our Class A uniforms, and follow them to another secret location, which I didn’t know existed. We did what we were told to do and followed them through the parking lot. I thought we were going outside of the Scout Reserve, but we didn’t. The place we went was through an unknown path on the other side of the parking lot. It was an empty forest space between the parking and the road outside of the Camp. It was hidden on purpose and we followed one of the Elangomat Indians through there. This path was shorter and we made some stops along the way. Then we arrived at a place in those woods which had no trees, it was a circle shaped place and there were people around a fireplace in the middle and there were those same little fire cans they made us do for that ceremony. When we arrived, one of the guys dressed in Indian clothing gave each of us a rope to which we were all connected, and told us to position ourselves in a circle around the fireplace. As we were there, I could hear chantings, drums, and I could see a structure at the side which was like a makeshift Native American house called “bohio”. As this pagan (any rituals made to false gods) ceremony went on and I was still in this strong spiritual confusion, God gave me a vision in which He clearly told me what was going on. My vision and my hearing went “blurry” and I saw a sentence appear floating in front of me. I was composed of white 3D letters and it was floating in the air in front of me while there were people around me. I couldn’t tell what language it was because I could not read it well, but the LORD helped me and told me audibly what the sentence read. He said in my ears: “THE ORDER OF THE ARROW HAS PAGAN ORIGINS”. He said it (in Spanish), three or four times, and for some reason I mumbled it at the same time. I didn’t know exactly what this meant, but I knew in my spirit that God was trying to tell me something about why I was so spiritually confused. Then the vision ended and my sight and hearing were restored. I only have vague memories of the details of the ceremonies themselves because I was so confused that I couldn’t even think well.

This last ceremony is called the Ordeal Ceremony. I will cover this in detail on Part II of this testimony. For those of you who are reading and are part of this group, I must say that if you are a Christian, it is your duty to tell others what goes on there and ask God to reveal to you what to do about your membership. Don’t let the organization silence you, even if this means you lose your membership, which I really don’t care about. I can say whatever I want to say about this, because as of today, we still have free speech. And even though the organization “prohibits” any member to tell others about this I always try to tell everyone I know. That’s why I’m writing this, because God wants me to. He also wants me to do a YouTube video about this testimony because I understand this is very long and I feel it’s better to explain the details on a video.

This is part one of the testimony. I want to divide it into parts because I had further experiences in which God showed me the relationship between Freemasonry and the Order of the Arrow. The Boy Scouts of America, the Girls Scouts, and Ventures are all connected and all pagan. Thank you for reading. I will place some links at the bottom of this paragraph so you guys can read about what God showed me. God bless you and I hope that if you are part of these organizations you can ask Jesus to reveal the truth of this to you. Next is part two.

Here are the links:

  1. http://phoenixmasonry.org/freemasonry_soucting_and_the_order_of_the_arrow.htm
  2. http://www.phoenixmasonry.org/boy_scout.htm
  3. https://www.hoac-bsa.org/daniel-carter-beard-masonic-scouter-award (Lord Baden Powell was not the original founder of the Boy Scouts. Most of the people involved in the founding of this organization were Freemason, except Baden Powell himself. You have to look at the people who influenced him in founding the BSA.)
  4. If you are in the National FFA, it’s also Freemason: https://footnote.wordpress.ncsu.edu/2018/11/05/origins-of-the-ffa-ceremonies/