Vision in Short Dream – by Laura

I had this dream between October 31 and November 2nd, 2020. I know it was one or two days before the elections (those were on November 3rd, 2020). I live in Puerto Rico and we also held our elections on November 3rd.

In this dream I was a spectator. I did not take part on what happened in the dream. I could also categorize it as a vision in a dream.

I dreamt I was on the beach on a beautiful sunny day. It seemed it was the summer time because there was a pretty large group of people there and it just seemed like they were all on vacation. I could see beach cabins and people just seemed to be having a good time. The sand was rather beautiful.

I looked at the water and saw then our gubernatorial candidate Pedro Pierluisi on a donut shaped float raft. He was by himself and seemed to be having a good time. I remember looking around again and seeing how gorgeous the day was.

Immediately after that I am in the middle of the ocean, not floating, but within the low middle part of the ocean inside a huge tunnel of water looking up towards the sky. The tunnel was rising all around and above me and I noticed the opening was tilted in an angle (meaning it did not rise right above my head, but in a slight angle). I also noticed the shape of the opening was not perfectly round but a bit square shaped.

Dream ended.

Important details:

  • On November 3rd , one or two days after the dream, Pedro Pierluisi (the man I saw on the raft) was elected governor of Puerto Rico. Please be prayerful about what you think this means, I will keep my interpretation regarding this detail in the dream to myself, but I share it as I got it.
  • My first thought about this vision was of a tsunami. However, that did not match what I saw. I was inside a column of water. That was not a wave.
  • I believe I was inside the tunnel that is formed after an asteroid hits the ocean. I spent some time looking for images that would match what I saw and the one on top is pretty similar to what I saw. I did not experience the heat mentioned in the video that I have linked below, but it does match the initial tunnel that is formed after the impact.
  • This one would make my third dream about asteroids in the past year. I did not feel like sharing this at the time, but now is the time. I must be obedient.
  • I have linked a video that shows pretty well what I believe I saw on that dream. Only the tunnel part immediately after the water is hit.

Please take all you receive to the Lord in prayer. Ask His Holy Spirit to direct your thoughts and actions. Rest in His merciful and loving hands. Prepare yourself and your family in HIS WORD. It’s time to be in His presence and His word please.

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Asteroid hitting ocean simulator:


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